Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Killer Tease Promo

Yesterday I did the wardrobe/styling for the Killer Tease promo film at Brightons new Create Studios. Cult PupPress Author Danny Hogan decided 2011 was the year that his character Eloise Murphy would make her film debut, and has pulled in Kevin Mason to help him do the job! It was a really long, but really fun day with a great team involved. You can find out more about the project and donate to help fund HERE. If the funding amount if achieved, the guys are going to use the trailer to launch funding and production on a full Eloise PulpPress short.

It was the first non-fashion led film that I'd done and I definitely want to do more! Despite being character led, rather than fashion, I still managed to fit in my favs Atsuko Kudo who made us an AMAZING dress for the final scene! SO excited to see the final thing - which will be premiered at The Duke of Yorks!